Download Water Tracker: Water Drinking Reminder App

This Water Tracker: Water Drinking Reminder App will help you to keep track of water intake per day! It also helps you to fulfill your recommended daily water intake goal! Now even if you miss out to drink water in your busy schedule, make use of Water Reminder App that reminds you to Drink Water at your pre-defined time.

Water report for weekly, monthly, yearly Water Consumption goal achievement!
➺ Check progress with Daily Water Intake to achieve your desired target.
➺ Enter Bodyweight & Daily Water Intake measurement unit (kg or lbs, ml or ozal)
➺ Different DateTime formats are also available for Daily Water Consumption graph & Water Drinking Reminder!
➺ Aqua level selection is customizable!
➺ Water Reminder app that reminds you to drink water at your multiple predefined time!

In this Water Tracker App, just enter your gender, age, weight, the goal for water consumption & type of activity (Sedentary, Light Active, Moderately Active, Very Active or Extremely Active). Then after, this Water Tracker App will automatically start tracking your recommended water intake!

Keeping track of your Daily Water Consumption needs and making sure your body is well hydrated, is not an easy task in today's busy schedule. This drink water tracker app will help you to stay fit and hydrated every day! Stay fit with Water Tracker: Water Drinking Reminder App.

This Water Intake Tracker with Water Drinking Reminder is divided into two categories:

Many times, it happens that, we don’t remember to drink water in our busy schedule! Isn’t it? Now it’ll become easy to Drink Water at your preferable time intervals, with this water intake tracker & smart water reminder app that Reminds you to Drink Water!

Water Drinking Reminder App allows you to take a backup of your water intake chart. So if you change your device then also you can keep a track on your daily water intake goal easily!

This Water Reminder App will help you to remember to Drink Water at regular intervals and keep yourself hydrated! Track your Recommended Water Intake habits and increase it with the help of notifications from this Water Tracker: Water Drinking Reminder App!

Now, DON’T FORGET TO DRINK WATER! And whenever you do, take out a minute to track your daily water intake with this Water Tracker app! Do share your results with us!


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