Message of Honorable Rao Saheb

Pls listen to the voice message and follow instructions given. Also pass on the voice message to all CRCs and Teachers.SS
Today Voice Message By Vinod Rao Sir Listen Carefully For Teachers.

Message of Honorable Rao Saheb.
Children of standard-1 should enroll in the General Register and enroll them. To enter the standard attendance of children of class-1, to enter the dias online.
50% of the schools do not have a readiness program.
This year the emphasis will be on pragna approach - eight quintile unit.
Pragnya task force will be formed.

Honorable Education Secretary Dr. An important new message from Vinod Rao Saheb
Today's important message for all BRCs, CRCs, Principals, and teachers
School admission festival instruction
Standard 1 online presence and support dias
The matter of implementation of the school abstinence program
Pragnya Approach Monitoring and Quarterly Assessment in Std. 1
Listen to the full message through this video
Share all your education in the group
The admission of the program has been canceled
In the year of year, accidental fatal air storms have been canceled and the celebration of the admission of the festival of 2011 has been canceled and instead of the program, the program will be celebrated by the officer / authority.
It has been more than days since the beginning of the session, which will be done by the school's admission to the standard SMC and the villagers.
Every Principal has been instructed by the Director to give admission to the children enrolled in Std-I.

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